• When issues or problems come up in the field of employment law, they need to be answered and resolved as quickly as possible. No-one stands to gain in an employment conflict. We can help you draw up a wide range of agreements, including employment contracts, contracts for professional services or contracts for directors under the articles of association. We can also offer our help when you need to terminate these agreements (individual or collective dismissal) and we can oversee reorganisations or help you formulate social plans. Or ask us about aspects of contracts such as non-competition clauses and non-solicitation clauses, disagreements in interpreting a collective labour/employment agreement or employee participation issues.

    More and more frequently, both employers and employees are faced with questions about privacy and the use of social media. And what happens when someone fails to comply with a non-solicitation clause? We can show you where the boundaries lie: what is permitted, what is possible, and what arrangements you need to make – perhaps, for example, by drawing up or modifying staff rules and other procedures or drafting new employment contracts.

    When such issues arise, we prefer to be enlisted early on so that we can help prevent conflicts. But if no other solutions seem to be right, we can also conduct several types of proceedings for you.
  • Intellectual property law regulates your rights as the inventor or maker of a product, invention, trade name, piece of music or literary work. We can advise you on the official registration and enforcement of your rights. These are important legal matters, particularly because they protect your product or invention from imitation or piracy.

    As specialists in the field of intellectual property law, we deal with cases in the following areas:

    ■copyright: the exclusive rights of an author to publish and reproduce a literary, scientific or artistic work. Copyright includes portrait rights and photographer’s copyright;
    ■trademark rights: the exclusive rights to use a certain trademark (such as a product name or logo);
    ■trade name rights: the exclusive rights to use a trade name or company name;
    ■domain name rights: the right to internet domain names;
    ■rights to designs and models: the exclusive rights to give products a certain design (pictorial representation) and to design products in accordance with a certain model.

    We can advise you about registration of your intellectual property rights, such as your rights to designs and models, but also about your chances of conducting successful legal proceedings against infringers. If you are thinking about registering your brand name or model rights, why not visit our website www.merkcollectors.nl.
  • Enterprises come in all shapes and sizes. As a business owner, you have your own views about the way you want to conduct your business. It is important to discuss your wishes in advance with a lawyer, because the choice of the legal form of your company will affect the way in which people work together and how decisions will be made.

    We are happy to advise you about the legal form of your company. But we can also be of assistance if there are conflicts within the company, amongst the shareholders or within the management. In such cases we can offer you strategic advice to help you find possible solutions that will resolve this type of conflict or avoid it in future.

    We can also advise you on the many issues that you need to consider. As a business person, you are faced with decisions in many fields. What subsidies and premiums are you entitled to? Are your insurance policies in order and is your pension provided for? What taxes must you pay and can you deliver on time to your clients? What other matters might get in the way of fulfilling your contracts on time?

    A lawyer who takes a constructive approach to your company’s legal dealings can be invaluable.
  • You may have to deal with issues in the law of persons and family law if there are changes in your private situation – such as divorce or ending a registered partnership. Many matters then need to be taken care of: alimony, child support, arrangements for parental access but also the division of property and possessions. Arrangements for parental access, alimony and child support must sometimes be modified later.

    But you can also come to us for information if you want to acknowledge your child or establish paternity. We can also advise you on guardianship and administration orders.