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In your business and personal life, you may be dealing with all sorts of legal issues. Expert and clear advice will be of the essence in those cases. Spectrum Advocaten offers support to entrepreneurs and private individuals in a fair, transparent and accessible manner when it comes to their legal position. Our aim is to offer you a full-service and practical solution.

Spectrum Advocaten focuses on entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, you want to focus on your business and not on all sorts of ancillary matters. You can therefore turn to us for all legal areas you may be dealing with as an entrepreneur. We offer you a single point of contact, along with an entire team of specialised lawyers who will help you with all your legal questions.

Our way of working results in high-quality, efficient legal assistance. Our rates are competitive and flexible. In some cases, we may agree on fixed fees (whether or not on a project basis) or the fee may be made dependent on the importance of the case. We like to be clear on the legal expenses beforehand.

There is another aspect that distinguishes us from other law firms: we also try to connect our relations with each other. This not only allows our clients to draw on us, but also on each other's networks. In doing so, Spectrum Advocaten has become more than a legal platform for entrepreneurs.

About Spectrum Advocaten

A fair and transparent approach to your legal issues.



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