Intellectual property law

Your rights as a starting point

Are you the inventor or maker of a product, brand, logo, trade name, domain name, musical piece or literary work, for example? If so, you want to keep these matters exclusive and protect them against infringement, misuse and use by others. So you want to protect your intellectual property right.

Spectrum Advocaten can tell you exactly how property rights arise, how to protect them, how to transfer them and how these rights can be lost. Of course, we will also assist you during any legal proceedings.

Intellectual property law can be divided into copyright law, trademark law, trade name law, domain name law and designs and models law. Our services in the area of intellectual property law include the following:

  • We give you advice on laying down your intellectual property right, such as trademark and design registrations.
  • Does your competitor infringe your intellectual property rights, including your brand and trade name? Or does your competitor accuse you of infringement? We will advise you and, if necessary, conduct the legal proceedings that are required in order to protect your reputation and distinctive character.
  • We will draw up various agreements for you and assess any existing agreements, for example licence, distribution, agency, franchise and assignment agreements.

Please contact us if you have any questions about intellectual property law or other legal areas.

"Have you found an infringement of your rights? Immediate action is required. We are ready for you."

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