Irene Epe

Irene Epe, LL.M., has been a lawyer since 2013. After having completed her study of Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam, she started her career as a lawyer at a law firm in Haarlem. She has strengthened the team of Spectrum Advocaten since November 2017.

The past few years, Irene operated a broad general practice, which means that she has knowledge of various legal areas. She operates a consultancy as well as a litigation practice and therefore not only knows her way around the courtroom, but also outside the courtroom.

At Spectrum Advocaten, Irene mostly focuses on employment law, tenancy law, contract law and the law of obligations.

She already knew at a young age that she wanted to be a lawyer and nothing has stopped her from becoming one. This is also characteristic of the way in which she operates her practice: Irene goes straight for her goal. She quickly gets to the heart of a legal issue and makes every effort to achieve the best possible result for her clients in an efficient manner. She communicates with her clients clearly, is straightforward and is not satisfied until her clients are.

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