Menno Jansen

Menno Jansen is a highly expert lawyer with ample experience in advising small and medium-sized enterprises in various legal areas. Menno quickly finds a solution and often thinks outside the box; all this in order to ensure a quick and efficient result for his clients.

Menno has been a lawyer since 1993 and started his career in the broad consultancy practice of a medium-sized firm in Zaanstreek. In 2000, he set up a law firm in Amsterdam, after which he returned to the district of Haarlem in 2007.

Menno specialises in business, contract and intellectual property law. He has assisted clients from a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, cosmetics, publishing companies, trading companies (distribution and agency), service providers and the small-firm sector. His work varies from giving oral and written advice to negotiating and litigating. He also has ample experience in advising on corporate takeovers and conflicts between shareholders.

Clients highly appreciate his practical and bold approach.

Moreover, Menno often closely cooperates with accountants and tax consultants. As a result, he is very well-informed of the financial and tax aspects of your case.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, Menno is the chairman of Stichting Beursvloer IJmond, a foundation with the objective of giving social organisations the opportunity to ask support from businesses in fulfilling their practical wishes and needs. Menno is also on the supervisory board of a medium-sized enterprise.

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