Mission & vision

What we stand for

Our mission

Spectrum Advocaten wants to support people in a fair, transparent and accessible manner when it comes to their legal position. As a legal specialist, we deal with all sorts of issues that you encounter or may encounter in practice. Spectrum Advocaten takes away the worries and solves problems. As an employer, Spectrum Advocaten offers a professional environment within which young talent can build their career through training and promotion opportunities.

Our vision

As a legal specialist, Spectrum Advocaten offers a broad package of legal services aimed especially at entrepreneurs. Spectrum Advocaten is a partner of its clients when it comes to advice, mediation, representation and the implementation of legal matters. We actively focus on building, maintaining and expanding a business network, bringing parties together. Spectrum Advocaten also offers high-quality support to non-business clients and for non-business issues in various legal fields.

Core values

  • proactive
  • Social
  • Accessible
  • Practical
  • Powerful
  • Network-oriented
  • Quality
  • Goal oriented

About Spectrum Advocaten

A fair and transparent approach to your legal issues.



  • Van Eedenstraat 7
    2012 EL Haarlem
  • PO BOX 5554
    2000 GN  Haarlem
  • Phone: 023 51 73 377
  • Fax: 023 51 73 388
  • info@spectrumadvocaten.nl