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Two heads are better than one. Spectrum Advocaten therefore attaches great value to your and our network.

A legal issue is rarely an isolated issue. Based on our ample experience, we know exactly when to engage what person in order to assist you in the most efficient way. Examples are tax consultants, notaries, accountants or other specialists. We can work together with your own specialist or with someone from our network.

But we go further than just that: we actively focus on building, maintaining and expanding our and your business network. If we think that it will be useful to introduce you to one of our other clients, for example because we believe that you can strengthen one another in terms of business, we will be happy to introduce you to each other. Within this context, we also organise informal meetings during which our clients can get to know each other.

We do not only share our network, but also our knowledge and experience with our clients. If a client so wishes, we offer support to HR departments, accounts receivable departments and legal departments, for example. We give lectures and workshops, for example on the debt collection process for your accounts department and on employment law issues for your HR department. We can do this on your premises or at our office. It is even possible for one of our lawyers to be seconded temporarily, for one or several days a week, to your business to offer legal support.

At Spectrum Advocaten, we want to be an all-round partner for our clients and are happy to offer a platform for entrepreneurs in more than just a legal sense.

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