Property law

Property law in the broadest sense

Property law is very broad and includes any law that is related to immovable property. Businesses as well as individuals may be dealing with this law, for example when buying, selling, renting, letting, constructing, refurbishing or developing immovable property. Our property law services are therefore diverse.

Our services in the area of property law include the following:

  • We give you advice on renting and letting business and residential premises.
  • We draw up and assess contracts of sale, leases, tenancy agreements, contractor agreements and contracts for services, for example.
  • We offer you advice and support in entering into forms of cooperation, for example when it comes to the realisation of projects or buildings.
  • Do any disputes arise during the execution of a contract related to immovable property? Disputes on liability or compensation, for example? We will solve them for you.
  • We will give advice and litigate if immovable property needs to be vacated or evicted.
  • Does it involve a ground lease, division, building and planting rights, joint ownership or apartment rights? We will offer you assistance and advice.
  • Do you have a dispute with the owners' association or do you, as an owners' association, have any questions on how to settle matters? We will help you.
  • We will give you advice on the administrative part of construction law, for example when applying for environmental and planning permits, but will also help you if you want to object to any building plans.
  • Do you have any questions about ownership ratios, limited and other rights, attachment or mortgage, easements, qualitative obligations or perpetual clauses? We will give you clear answers.
  • We will assess the possibilities of attachment of immovable property or foreclosure in case of security interests such as attachment and mortgage.
  • Did you perhaps acquire a right of ownership or easement by prescription? You can count on our expert advice.

Please contact us if you have any questions about property law or other legal areas.

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