Do you run a project that involves many legal issues and the preparation of contracts? Does it involve a reorganisation, restructuring, purchase or sale? Do you need a legal assessment of your operations? Or do you want to know if your business still complies with laws and regulations?

In these and other cases, it will be efficient for a lawyer to conduct an on-site assessment and to be entirely at your service. One of our lawyers may, through a secondment or as interim staff member, offer you the support you want. A flexible and efficient solution for a temporary need.

This way, you will not only have an expert lawyer at your disposal, but also the entire know-how of Spectrum Advocaten. You will not have to hire an additional legal assistant, will have no paperwork and will not have to pay any employee's contributions and commission. In consultation with you, the assignment will be carried out during a certain period and on agreed days or half-days. The work will be performed at an hourly rate or a fixed daily (or half-daily) rate. This allows you to estimate the costs in advance.

About Spectrum Advocaten

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