Works council advice

An entrepreneur wants to terminate the activities of (a part of) the company? Are you considering an acquisition, merger or major investment? Or would you like to change employment conditions or draw up a social plan? In all these cases, the entrepreneur must consult with the works council. This has an advisory and sometimes even decisive role.

A heavy task for the works council. We are available for its members with legal support. First of all, we can provide insight into which powers the works council has and when: consultation, advice or approval. We also advise the works council when a decision is submitted to it and we assess, for example, social plans or proposed changes to employment conditions.

Of course we also advise the entrepreneurs themselves. For example, about when the law prescribes a works council and about when the works council must be involved. The costs necessary for the proper functioning of the works council and the associated committees are borne by the entrepreneur.


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