Wouter Schellart

Wouter Schellart, LL.M., (1977) has been a lawyer since 2004. After he studied Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam, specialising in intellectual property, Wouter worked as a corporate legal consultant for Koninklijke Metaalunie. In this employers' organisation for SMEs in the metal industry, Wouter gave advice to affiliated enterprises on legal matters, especially in the area of the law of obligations.

As he believed that his work was too much about giving advice, Wouter continued his career within the legal practice in 2004. His first job as a lawyer was at Van Diepen Van der Kroef Advocaten in Haarlem, where he was mostly active in the area of contract, business and employment law within his general consultancy and litigation practice. In 2010, Wouter successfully completed his postgraduate programme in the law of obligations at Grotius Academy, making him a specialist in the area of national and international contracting.

On 1 January 2013, Wouter moved to Spectrum Advocaten, which allowed him, as a lawyer and partner, to combine entrepreneurship with operating a commercial practice. Wouter feels perfectly at home in the close team of Spectrum Advocaten, where short lines, enthusiasm and high-quality services are key elements.

If clients have any questions or disputes in the area of contract or employment law, they have come to the right man. Wouter quickly gets to the heart of the problem, giving expert advice. He will search for an amicable solution if this is in the client's interest. Where necessary, however, he will hold his own in the courtroom. That is why his clients, both private individuals and businesses, rightly consider Wouter to be a very pleasant sparring partner and expert promoter of their interests.

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