A fair and transparent approach to your legal issues.

As practical lawyers, we are happy to help you.

We offer you a full-service solution.

As an entrepreneur, you may be dealing with all sorts of legal issues. Some issues are simple, others are complex. As your legal specialist, we are happy to offer you assistance and advice.

Spectrum Advocaten is a multi-service office that has knowledge of many different legal areas. Based on our ample experience, we offer you as our client a full-service and pro-active solution to your legal issues. We have particularly proven our value in the SME retail, construction, metal and technology, property, hotel and catering and automotive sectors.

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Our Team

"Support and a listening ear to lawyers and clients"
Support | Support
"You have to be resourceful to resolve disputes. Sometimes a solution is obvious, but often not. I will look for the best solution with you. Then all my efforts are focused on achieving that solution."
Marten van Buiten | Lawyer-partner
"Straight is straight and crooked is crooked. If something isn't straight, I keep going until it's no longer crooked."
Wouter Schellart | Lawyer - partner
"Every business dispute is solvable, it is important to find the fastest route there."
Menno Jansen | Lawyer - partner

About Spectrum Advocaten

A fair and transparent approach to your legal issues.



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